“I can immediately see where I can land or not”.

“I use GoNoGo primarily because it gives me an overview of the weather where I am going, when I am going there, in a clear and simple way. I can easily take a look and see immediately where I can land or not. I still do read the weather, but it gives a great visual control.
The user interface for setting up NOTAMs is just fantastic: easy (and only) way to stay up to date on NOTAMs throughout the day. Very good.“

Thomas, Airline Captain

“Gives you an immediate understanding of where the problem lies”.

“Very good tool in planning the working day. The application has an intuitive, self-explanatory and thus very user-friendly interface. Since it presents information based on your roster, you only get the information you actually need, in the area you are going to fly in and when you’ll get there.
Its processing and filtering of information is perhaps one of the most important advantages of the app. All other information is in the background and is available if you need it.
Otherwise, it is quick to use, and presents data partly using color-codes and symbols. This gives you an immediate understanding of where the problem lies. Recommended!“

Magnus, Airline Captain